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Numberless Word Problems | Addition & Subtraction

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Numberless word problems are designed to provide scaffolding that allows students the opportunity to develop a better understanding of word problems.

Word problems can be a tough concept for students to understand. Often times, students will see a word problem, pull the two numbers from the word problem, and then quickly add or subtract the two numbers without taking the time to fully process what it is that the word problem is asking.

Numberless word problems guide students through their thinking and reasoning as to why they are adding or why they are subtracting.

Types of Word Problems (all included):

  • Joining
    • Result Unknown
    • Change Unknown
    • Start Unknown
  • Separating
    • Result Unknown
    • Change Unknown
    • Start Unknown
  • Part Part Whole
    • Whole Unknown
    • Part Unknown
  • Comparing
    • Difference Unknown
    • Quantity Unknown
    • Referent Unknown

What's Included:

  • 160 teacher slides (80 numberless & 80 with numbers)
  • 160 student printables (80 numberless & 80 with numbers)
  • Word problem types posters
  • Key questions to guide your students through the solving process
  • Step by step directions

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72 reviews for Numberless Word Problems | Addition & Subtraction

  1. Lindsey U.

    This was so helpful in building the foundation of understanding if it is addition or subtraction and not just looking at the numbers.

  2. Erin M.

    I used this to thoroughly teach all the different types of word problems. This was my first time using numberless word problems and it made my students become critical thinkers to solve the problems. They had to really think about the numbers and if they needed to add or subtract to solve. I loved the matching slides and posters to use as you teach each type of problem.

  3. Kirsten H.

    These are simple problems with language easy enough that my grade one students could read it mostly independently. They provided us an opportunity to quickly practice problem solving as a class and allowed students to start to recognize situations and words associated with adding or subtracting.

  4. Tiffany O.

    Word problems are challenging for 2nd graders. This was a great resource to use because it sets students up to be able to understand how word problems work. When you add the numbers in they tend to focus only on that instead of what is being asked in the problem.

  5. Tony S.

    This was really good to use with my first graders. They really liked it and it was a good strategy to use with word problems

  6. Hannah R.

    I am so grateful for this resource! I think numberless word problems are so beneficial to students and this resource helped me introduce it to my students!

  7. The Mountain We Climb

    I needed to use this at the beginning of the year to review addition and subtraction word problem types for my students. I was very thankful that this resource included ALL the types, not just some of them.

  8. The Craftastic Teacher

    I used these with my 4th grade students that are way behind academically. They struggle to comprehend word problems and create an equation. Numberless word problems allows us to focus on what’s happening in the story vs. the numbers.

  9. DaNel N.

    It really made my students stop and think about what the question was asking. I liked that It also had slides with the numbers in it as well.

  10. Christine L.

    My students were having so much trouble understanding word problems. I realized that much of their difficulty came from not stopping to understand the story, but instead just focusing on the numbers. Introduce numberless word problems!!! GAME CHANGER!! I started doing some of these problems with them and now they are finally starting to think more about the problem with less focus being just on the numbers. Thank you.

  11. Shelly P.

    So many options for practice, and I love that these problems really help to assess student understanding. They build math knowledge!

  12. Amy L.

    I love that these are easy to add to my slideshow that I use on a daily basis. It’s nice for the students to focus on the words first to figure out what they’ll need to do in the problem, then add in the numbers to truly solve it.

  13. Hunter K.

    I’ve been using these in my lesson’s activating strategy. It’s been a great resource for the beginning of the year, before we really dive into word problems. I really think it’s going to be a game changer for my students and learning how to work our word problems.

  14. Mary Moore

    These really help the students think through word problems and what all the information is for. I use one every morning to help them jumpstart their thinking.

  15. Kersh Corner

    I have used these for a couple of years with my 2nd graders and I am such a believer! So important for looking at/discussing the words used in a word problem and what they mean.

  16. Andrea G.

    I love how easy this was to adapt to different levels in my class just by inserting different numbers! This is game-changing stuff here and really gets my students thinking!

  17. Renee K.

    These activities really helped strengthen my students’ problem-solving skills! It enabled them to better understand the context of word problems, rather than just guess what to do with the numbers in the problem. Thank you for such a great resource!

  18. melissa W.

    I used this resource as part of my daily calendar. The kids would get upset if we had to skip a problem because of time.

  19. Gillian M.

    This is a terrific product! I love how there are printables and digital for each type of word problem that students will experience. I also love how the product also includes a numberless and a number version of each word problem. The perfect addition to any unit on word problems. Thank you so much!

  20. Peace of Primary

    My students loved this resource. I loved the variety of story problems that were included. I was able to use this resource with all levels of learners because I had the ability to plug in numbers in an appropriate range for each group of students.

  21. Amber M.

    I am so excited to start using this with my students. This will be great for the ones who have a hard time knowing what to do in the first place before you even tackle the computation aspect of word problems!

  22. Penny N.

    Having wordless-problem solving tasks is a terrific warm-up activity to get students thinking carefully about what the question is actually asking them to solve. Very engaging for a class with a broad range of educational needs.

  23. Renee E.

    This was great to introduce the different types of word problems and get them thinking about what is happening so they can more easily solve the problem.

  24. Erin C

    This is such a well designed resource. I love how organized and consistent it is. My students are always trying to be the first to figure out how to solve the problem. I can already see them becoming better word problem solvers! Thank you for this AMAZING resource!!

  25. Natalie S.

    I love the open ended math problems that can be differentiated for all my kids. It makes them think more critically than a standard word problem. I also love that both options were still included though.

  26. Maestra Brillante

    This is such a valuable resource for teaching story problems. Students really have to understand the problem and I can differentiate so easily with these!

  27. Amanda M.

    My students loved utilizing this to learn about solving word problems. It was helpful for them to visualize the problem without any numbers in it.

  28. Wendy H.

    I love these! It helps students to feel more ownership to their word problems, than just reading and answering a question.

  29. Susan Eden

    I use this resource to practice the different kinds of story problems. The fact that there are no numbers in the story problems let me scaffold my instruction based on each students’ level or strength. In whole group instruction I can give several different sets of numbers to be used in the problem allowing each child to practice that kind of story problem at his level. I can challenge my advance students to work at a higher level, yet allowing my intervention students to have success at their level while they learn the particular story problem: separating, comparing, or joining. Everyone is successful as they learn to read the problem, think of what kind of problem it is, then solve with their set of numbers

  30. Sandra V.

    My class has been able to use these numberless word problems to practice the math vocabulary associated with addition and subtraction. It has helped my students determine whether or not they need to add or subtract when attempting to tackle a word problem! 🙂

  31. Michelle A.

    I really appreciated this resource so I could slowly introduce and scaffold word problems. Every year, my second grade students struggle with word problems, so I appreciated the colorful and engaging pictures that this product provided. This is helping my students to slowly understand with simple problems how to look at word problems carefully and discuss.

  32. Tanya M.

    This is a wonderful resource to help the students understand how to solve a word problem – no matter what the numbers are. I use it to put in different numbers and have them use the same process. It is helpful for my students.

  33. Cherry on Top Teaching Resources

    Love this resource! Great word problems to get the kiddos thinking about the situation before jumping to the numbers. Thank you!

  34. Kaitlyn T.

    These are perfect for teaching word problems! I took a training on numberless word problems, and this resource was perfect for what I needed after.

  35. Sarah C.

    This is a creative and fun way to practice word problems. My students struggle every year, and I am happy to add this resource to our activities to help them understand how to solve word problems.

  36. Erin A.

    This was an easy resource to practice word problems. Word problems are one of my least favorite skills to teach so I liked that I was able to work with students on 1 problem a day to boost their skills and make sure I was accountable.

  37. Tara B.

    I love how open ended this resource is and how much you can tailor it to your student’s needs. It really helps your students build their knowledge of story problems without them relying only on the numbers to solve the problems.

  38. Kaye T.

    Such a great resource for students to understand word problems. They often get too focused on the numbers and not on what is happening in the problem or what the question is asking. This is helping them be better problem solvers.

  39. kami W.

    I have seen a huge improvement in my student’s abilities to correctly solve word problems since I have been using this resource! Thank you!

  40. K C

    I love this resource! I appreciate that the content focuses on understanding the problem and how to solve it without numbers that can cause confusion for young students. Thank you.

  41. Primary Allstars

    I really liked that this product was no prep. It was a great addition to the products I already created for my students. Creating resources takes a long time, so I was grateful to have come across this.

  42. Katherine Shinsato

    This helped me to have some good conversations with my kids without the numbers getting in the way and them just jumping into what they thought they needed to do with the numbers. Thanks

  43. Kelsey Williams

    My students enjoyed how these numberless word problems really made them think. Word problems can be difficult for many kids, but this activity was one that my kids accepted as a challenge!

  44. Johanna S.

    I love that these are editable to give different numbers. Solving story problems is such a big part of first grade and this is an easy and quick resource that I have used to keep my kids practicing.

  45. Rebecca C.

    Such a great resource! Students can be exposed to different language for addition and subtraction and removes the emphasis on the numbers which students usually get stuck on. Will use year after year!

  46. Natalia W.

    I loved this resource it matches the language that we are using for math. My students found the resource engaging and easy to follow.

  47. Sassy 2nd grade thing

    I love how my students had to think and read the problem to find out what was going on. They couldn’t just look at the numbers and add them or subtract them. Thank you.

  48. Katie L.

    YAY!!! I am so glad I found your numberless word problem resource…I started using a different numberless word problem product last year and it just didn’t offer what I thought it would. I LOVE all your resources…you put great effort into providing material that is engaging, age appropriate, and fun for the students! I can’t wait to start using this in my firsties!

  49. Heidi Laleman

    This helps the students understand the wording with the numbers. The students are able to internalize what the problem is asking. Love it!

  50. Rose H.

    I used this resource to help my students who struggled with knowing what operation to use when solving the word problems. I loved that some of the slides were numberless so that I could really get my students to focus on the vocabulary used in the word problem and what the word problem was asking before giving them actual numbers. When they didn’t have numbers, it helped focus their attention on the type of problem and the process involved to solve the problem rather than just trying to get an answer.

  51. Robin C.

    Love using this resource. I like how each type of problem is shown in multiple ways and the anchor charts are awesome. I also love being able to plug in bigger numbers to differentiate.

  52. Angelita T.

    I just started using this whole group during math time and I planned on using it as individuals center time as time went on. It was a great resource.

  53. Lunchbox Latte

    These were great to get my students talking about problem solving instead of just guessing an answer based on the numbers. They were able to see how the language helps them figure out what to do. It helped them explain their thinking to each other.

  54. Madeline K.

    My students found these problems engaging. I liked the resource because it familiarized students with the process of word problems.

  55. JENNY C.

    I love that this is numberless and allows to discussion. Often times students get stuck on numbers and assume. With this students and the teacher get to talk about keywords or the sequence of the word problems to help visualize the problem which allows for a deeper understanding.

  56. Three Cheers for Third Grade

    This was a gamechanger for me in math instruction! My children understand so much more about word problems after doing these!

  57. Ashley G.

    I used these mainly with my higher level students to make sure that they were taking their time and actually thinking about what the word problem was asking them to do. Usually they just rush through and look for the numbers, so this helped a lot. Thank you!

  58. Jasmine R.

    This resource was a lifesaver for me because my students tend to want to rush through word problems without really stopping to think what they are asking. This gave me a chance to really help them get used to what these types of questions are asking, and it was very engaging!

  59. Jennifer P.

    These are AMAZING!! I wanted to branch out this year and try numberless word problems, so I purchased these. I introduced them slowly before I intended to teach them to slowly build their foundation. I’m now getting ready to incorporate this into my distance learning lessons, and I can’t wait!

  60. Shan Bateman

    This has been an amazing resource not only for my students, but for me as well. Word problems can be a very tricky concept to teach and understand as a 1st grader as well. I am so glad that I found this!

  61. Terri Locklear V.

    This was a great resource. I loved being able to put in my own numbers. Using the problems over again with different numbers made it easier for my students to read them because of the familiarity. Thanks!

  62. Bridget B.

    I love that this resource breaks down the different types of word problems. with it being numberless I can easily change the numbers as needed for different students learning.

  63. Laura Pulliam

    This resource is engaging for my students and gets them excited about reviewing math concepts. I love that it teaches them how to attack word problems in an effective way.

  64. Renee D.

    My students sure needed this resource to help with the challenging concept of word problems. This is a creative way to help with the process.

  65. Roylyn T.

    I was having a difficult time teaching word problems because students would just look at the numbers in the problem instead of analyzing what the problem was asking. This was just what I needed to help them understand what they were doing in a word problem.

  66. Janice B.

    These are very engaging and helpful for young students learning how to attack word problems! I highly recommend!

  67. Jana S.

    I love this resource! I used it with my small group instruction during Math Intervention.

  68. Joanne Prentice

    My kids can’t get enough of these problems. They enjoy the challenge.

  69. Desiree G.

    Great word problems. I loved the blanks to create words problems based on my student’s math level.

  70. Jessie W.

    Thank you!!! This is a great resource and I love that I can adjust my number sets according to the needs of my students!

  71. Elaina J.

    We love numberless word problems. Helped the students understand and discuss what is happening in the story.

  72. Madeline Shearer

    This is a great resource to ensure that students are really understanding what the problem is asking before solving.

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