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Phonics Poems With Activities

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Do you teach phonics but kids don’t always apply the skills into their reading?! This bundle of phonics POEMS and activities is here to help! It will help your students cross the bridge between isolated phonics skills and reading fluency and comprehension. Each poem includes a two-page spread of activities to do over a week. These activities help students practice phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and even writing!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My class absolutely loves fun poems! I love that they are broken down into what we are working on in phonics right now. The ease of pulling a poem and the daily work it has for the whole week has made life so much easier. Thank you for this resource! – Taylor G.

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This phonics poems and activities resource will help students apply phonics skills into their reading! Phonics poems will help your students cross the bridge between isolated phonics skills and reading fluency and comprehension. Each poem includes a two-page spread of activities to do over a week. These activities help students practice phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and even writing! The poems and daily activities are NO PREP to help simplify your workload.
A page explaining why these phonics poems are perfect for your classroom.  Images showing these phonics poems in action.
Want students to build reading fluency?
Repeatedly reading poems is supported by research to boost fluency! Reading poems aloud helps with students’ expression and phrasing too! Students will be motivated and engaged with the simple format, kid-friendly clipart, and fun and quirky poems. These poems are just long enough to have a storyline, yet not too long to overwhelm or get bored when rereading.
Need a fun way to practice and apply phonics skills?
Each kid-friendly poem is based on a phonics skill, with multiple words in the poem for students to read in context. Following a typical phonics scope and sequence, students will be able to decode the majority of words in the poem. This resource helps take phonics instruction to the next level with students applying it to text!
Looking for a comprehensive literacy activity?
The activities that accompany each poem help students connect crucial literacy skills together to work toward becoming a proficient reader! Students reread the poem each day to practice phonics and build reading fluency. Then they complete the short, yet meaningful activities - 
  • Day 1: phonemic awareness
  • Day 2: vocabulary and oral language
  • Day 3: phonics
  • Day 4: reading comprehension
  • Day 5: writing
  • There are variations of these activities to keep students interested and engaged, while also benefiting from the structure of a routine. 
A diagram of the phonics poems.  A diagram of the activity pages that go with the phonics poems
  • 80 poems so you have one to use for every phonics skill
  • 80 two-page spreads of daily activities that go along with each poem that support:
  • Phonemic awareness 
  • Vocabulary / oral language
  • Phonics
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing
  • Cover pages for organization and/or making student booklets
  • Answer keys for each set of activities for grading ease and/or student self-checking
  • No-prep pages so you can just print and go! 
Short A
Short E
Short I
Short O
Short U
Mixed short vowels (a, i)
Mixed short vowels (e, o, u)
CVC/closed syllables (mixed a, e, i, o, u)
L blends
S blends
R blends
Mixed consonant blends (st, cr, cl, gr, sp, bl, sk, br, tr, sw, sl, etc)
SH digraph
CH digraph
WH digraph
TH digraph
PH digraph
CK digraph
Consonant digraphs (sh, th, ch, wh, ph, ck)
CV/open syllables
Long A silent e
Long I silent e
Long E silent e
Long O silent e
Long U silent e
Mixed silent e pattern (a_e & i_e)
Mixed silent e pattern (o_e & u_e)
Mixed CVCe (a_e, i_e, e_e, o_e, u_e)
-ing ending
-ed ending
-er and est endings
Mixed inflectional endings (er, ed, ing, est)
Compound words
Hard C
Soft C
Hard G
Soft G
Mixed hard & soft C and G
SCR trigraph
SHR trigraph
SPL trigraph
SPR trigraph
STR trigraph
THR trigraph
Mixed trigraphs (squ, spr, thr, str, scr, shr, spl)
Long a vowel teams (ay, ai)
Long i vowel teams (ie, igh)
Long o vowel teams (oa, oe, ow)
Long e vowel teams (ee, ea)
Long u vowel teams (ue, ui)
Mixed CVVC (vowel team) syllables
Y as a vowel (puppy)
Y as a vowel (fly)
R-controlled vowels ER
R-controlled vowels IR
R-controlled vowels UR
R-controlled vowels AR
R-controlled vowels OR
R-controlled syllables (er, ir, ur, ar, or)
Diphthongs (oi/oy)
Diphthongs (ou/ow)
Diphthongs (au/aw)
Diphthongs (ew/oo)
Consonant + le syllables (final stable syllables)
Silent letters (k, g, w, l, b)
Two-syllable words with long vowels: CV
Two-syllable words with long vowels: CVCe
Two-syllable words with long vowels: CVVC
Multisyllabic words
Double consonants (ff, ll, ss, tt, zz)
OO like book
NG (-ang, -ong, and -ing)
NK (-ink, -ank, -unk, -onk)
Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!
“I have really enjoyed using this with some of my first graders. I pulled a few to try this out and they were so excited this past week when it was their time for our group meeting! I was able to listen in as they even grabbed their journals and practiced reading it on their own with no assistance or prompting from me and then went to share it with others! This was such a proud moment of independence!
"I cannot wait to begin using this with all of my groups as review, acceleration, and for remediation - the opportunities are endless. Thank you so much!" - Sharon
I can’t wait to hear how these phonics poems transform your phonics instruction! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching!
Copyright © Lucky Little Learners, LLC.
All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only.
Not for public display.
If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

44 reviews for Phonics Poems With Activities

  1. Nancy S.

    My class absolutely love the fun poems and adding them to our story song and poem books! I love that they are covering the standards and skills in phonics that we are working on right now. The ease of pulling a poem and the daily work it has for the whole week has made life so much easier. Thank you for this resource!

  2. Carina Miller

    I really enjoy this resource as it hits targets all over our standards. Working on words, writing, handwriting, reading & I utilize it for shared reading/fluency.

  3. Taylor G.

    My class absolutely love the fun poems! I love that they are broken down into what we are working on in phonics right now. The ease of pulling a poem and the daily work it has for the whole week has made life so much easier. Thank you for this resource!

  4. tracie garfinkle

    Even though we just started using these my kids LOVE them!! It is a complete , thorough, meaningful phonics activity. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Laura D.

    This is such another great resource that you have created. Thank you, for always making engaging resources for me to use with my students.

  6. Carolyn J.

    I’m sooooo excited these finally came out!
    I’ll be using them with my EFLs for extra practice in their phonics! I love the poems and the extra practice exercises that come along with them!

  7. Little LuLu’s Learning

    My students were shown their first poem today focusing on the long o sound and they were so excited and were enjoying what they were reading! These poems provide a daily activity that can be used with each poem!

  8. Kim C.

    Fun and engaging way to teach these concepts. I have a lot of these types of activities from Lucky Little Learners which helps me to change it up, but all their items are great!

  9. Shannon J.

    My students love using the phonics poems and they have helped to strengthen their understanding and application of new learning!

  10. Danielle L.

    My students have loved working on these in class and at home! My kids are finishing it all of their work, and my parents are telling me how much they like this resource when I send home a poem for them to work on! One of my best purchases I have made on tpt.

  11. Victoria O.

    This is such an incredible resource! I love the simplicity in printing (especially the clickable table of contents).
    It aligns so well with my school’s current phonics curriculum, Words Their Way. I love having additional practice for my students. The poems are engaging and a great way to truly connect reading, writing, and phonics skills in a seamless way!

  12. Terri Larson

    These are awesome. I love that they focus on a specific skill and have activity sheets to go along with them. I am using them in first grade during guided reading. The students love them!

  13. Keely Rehm

    My students have done great with this resource and they have enjoyed the poems and activities that we have done so far! This is a great thing to do during centers or to warm up with during reading groups!

  14. Jessica W.

    My students love these poems and I am so thankful to be able to have a word hunt with the skill we are learning in Fundations and also extra practice for each day of the week! This is amazing, thank you!

  15. Morgan S.

    We use these poems as morning work. They love to partner up and work through the days together. It is fun and engaging. The kids really enjoy them. They are organized enough that I can quickly pull specific skills to differentiate students learning.

  16. Second Grade Magic

    I LOVE these and so do my students!! I have used these whole group with my entire class and in small groups for targetted phonics practice. Awesome resource!

  17. Samantha Chagnon

    love that we can bring in poems while still working on grammar. We need all the help we can get with poems and this is an amazing resource.

  18. Morelocked on Learning with Mrs Morelock

    I’m using these as a partner activity during while I’m running reading small groups. They are great practice for fluency, rhyming, and more!

  19. Angela Y.

    These poems are great for my below level readers, but the activities were challenging enough to complete and review with my on level learners as well. It is a great resource for poetry with coordinating activities.

  20. Jodi P.

    This is an amazing resource for practicing phonics skills while also working on poetry. My students enjoy the daily activity that they get to do and stat focused the entire time. Great resource…thank you!

  21. Stephanie D.

    My students loved these poems. I had them read them multiple times and then we answered the questions. I will say we did more than one day at a time because I did not purchase them to be a multiple day resource but a lesson for my small groups but it worked just as well as if I had broken it up into more than one day. It was fun and engaging and my students enjoyed them greatly.

  22. Debbie H.

    My students and I absolutely LOVE the poems in this pack! I love that they cover the phonics skills that I am currently working on. It has every skill you could think of! I like how I can tie so many skills together, by using one poem – not only poetry, but shared reading, read aloud, read to self and partner, word work, writing – THANK YOU!!!!!

  23. Melanie D.

    I love doing these poems and daily activities with my phonics reading group. I look up whatever phonics pattern we are studying this week and quickly find the poem and activities for it and then I have a good portion of that reading group planned for me. Easy for me and great for kids!

  24. Ms Yu’s

    I love the simplicity of how the poems are laid out with each day activity. The poems themselves are fun and draws attention. Thank you.

  25. Cynthia M.

    This product is THE jackpot! My students LOVED using these, I wish I had used them earlier in the year, BUT already looking forward to kicking off each school year with these amazing poems. So engaging and fun to read!

  26. Penny G.

    My students loved the poems and I loved the different daily activities that went along with each poem. My students were engaged and I loved how relevant the work was as it relates to the skills.

  27. Shining Young Minds

    These poems are an amazing supplement for my school’s phonics and literacy curricula! Each week we do repeated readings to develop fluency and annotate for parts of speech and phonics patterns. Students love to read them all together and practice them independently.

  28. Sheila S.

    I got these just in time for our poetry unit! My students enjoyed the activities that went along with each poem. I can’t wait to use the rest of them next year, as it will pair up nicely with our phonics program.

  29. Ann B.

    I love that I was able to get this in April for poetry month, but I absolutely love this resource for ALL YEAR actually because it is so helpful with reviewing each of the sounds we have been going over all year. I just look through and see what poem and blends I want to reinforce – and it’s there! I am using it as homework right now since I have had reading fluency homework all year, but now I am using these and they are perfect! I love the response activities and I know parents are finding it fun to listen to their child read the poems! Thank you so much for creating this and also for the ideas on the anchor charts for these poems – AWESOME!!

  30. kristi washburn

    These poems and activities are a great resource for reinforcing phonics lessons taught. They are excited to complete the independent actives and share their thinking with the reading partners.

  31. Jennifer I.

    This resource is perfect for my students. We have been focusing on phonics this year in our reading program. I love that phonics work activities are included as it reinforces learning. This is just one of many LLL I have added to my collection.

  32. MrsCurtis’LilMonsters

    The poems are great and decodable so it’s been very helpful for my lower reading groups. I’m thinking of printing them poster size for next year.

  33. Jessica B.

    Lucky Little Learners, I love you!!! Your materials are amazing!! I already own multiple poem of the week bundles but when I saw this I immediately knew I had to have it. Your materials are always enjoyed by my students! Thank you!

  34. Kelly s.

    My students are enjoying these poems and my low readers are experiencing success reading. I love that they are based on patterns so I can choose the poem that matches the phonics I’m teaching. Love the activities after the poems as well. Highly recommend.

  35. Michelle N.

    I REALLY like how you did this based on phonics. I am struggling with getting everything in and this is just another way to integrate and I am obsessed with it. Thank you so much!

  36. E Paceley

    My students practice improving their reading with this resource. They feel are very proud of the reading they are doing, and it helps them feel successful.

  37. Sarah R.

    Directly connected to skills in our spelling patterns, and also in our continuum for reading. Love these for extra practice and homework fluency.

  38. Amber s.

    I love all of these poems and how they are targeted towards specific skills so that you can differentiate for your students

  39. Liz E

    Thank you x1,000,000! You helped me in my National Board certification process. Bless you for such a simple, clear, and wonderfully executed resource!!!!!!

  40. Rachel D.

    These are absolutely the best! We used them weekly when introducing a new phonics skill! They are a great way to work on fluency!

  41. Tina L

    I LOVE this resource and my students do too! I use this as a supplement to our phonics program and it’s so nice having these poems and activities ready to go. Easy peasy is for me!

  42. Lindsey Riegler

    Love these! They saved me so much time and are exactly what I am looking for! Thank you for your hard work and organization, but mostly, thank you for the gift of my time!! Love Lucky Little Learners!

  43. Kristina S.

    This was such a great tool to use along side my guided reading program. I sent the poems and follow up activities as homework and parents could help work with their child. It is so easy to differentiate with so many phonics lessons.

  44. Just Jilly Beans

    Loved these poems and the accompanying activities. Selected the one that aligned to the sound patter n we were working on for the week and used them as practice orthographically mapping the words in the poem. Helped my students practice decoding unfamiliar words and building fluency.

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