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Phonics Worksheets | Phonics Day by Day | Daily Phonics Practice



Phonics Day by Day is a HUGE pack of DAILY phonics worksheets that are perfect for your daily dose of phonics practice!

There are so many perks to this INCREDIBLE resource:

  • 52 different phonics patterns included
  • No prep
  • Arrange the patterns in any order
  • Phonics pattern identified on each page
  • Sentence activities included
  • Scaffolded practice with an increase of complexity throughout the week
  • Balance of routine and variety with the activities
  • A week's worth of activities on 2 pages
  • Print in a booklet or back to back
  • High quality graphics & kid-friendly fonts
  • Various reading, writing, and spelling activities for each phonics pattern
  • Answer keys included
  • Table of contents included
  • Digital version on Google Slides is now included!
  • Seesaw links are now included!

Phonics Skills Included:


  • Alphabet Review
  • Hard & Soft C/G
  • Silent Letters

Short Vowels

  • Short A
  • Short I
  • Short E
  • Short O
  • Short U
  • Short Vowel Digraphs

Silent E

  • Long A
  • Long I
  • Long O
  • Long U


  • Diphthongs: AW/AU
  • Diphthongs: EW/OO
  • Diphthongs: OI/OY
  • Diphthongs: OW/OU

Short vs. Long Vowels

  • Short vs. Long A
  • Short vs. Long I
  • Short vs. Long E
  • Short vs. Long O
  • Short vs. Long U

Vowel Teams

  • Vowel Teams: Long A
  • Vowel Teams: Long I
  • Vowel Teams: Long E
  • Vowel Teams: Long O
  • Vowel Teams: Long U

Blends and Digraphs

  • Consonant Blends
  • Consonant Digraphs
  • 3-Letter Blends


  • Inflected Endings: ING
  • Inflected Endings: ER
  • Inflected Endings: ED
  • Inflected Endings: EST

R-Controlled Vowels

  • R-Controlled: ER, IR, UR
  • R-Controlled: AR
  • R-Controlled: OR

Syllable Patterns

  • CVC Syllables
  • CV Syllables
  • CVCe Syllables
  • CVVC Syllables
  • R-Controlled Syllables
  • C + le Syllables
  • Two Syllable CV
  • Two Syllable CVCe
  • Two Syllable CVVC
  • Multisyllabic Words 1
  • Multisyllabic Words 2


  • Compound Words
  • Contractions
  • Mixed Review 1
  • Mixed Review 2

Please download the preview file to see more details about this resource. We also have a video preview for you to watch to see this resource in more detail!


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