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Planting Unit | Plant Life Cycle | Ways Seeds Move

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Do you teach the plant life cycle? How about parts of a plant? Types of soil? Ways seeds move? Photosynthesis? How about what plants need? If your answer is yes then this is the unit that you need!

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What components are included?
-Planting Toppers (boy and girl)
-Planting Lapbook Cover
-Plants Need Flip Flaps
-Planting Vocabulary Cards (31 different cards with blank templates too)
-Planting Vocabulary Posters (31 different vocabulary posters)
-Planting Observation Journal
-What Do Plants Need? Mini Reader
-Plant Life Cycle Mini Reader
-Parts of a Plant Mini Reader
-Ways Seeds Move Mini Reader
-Types of Soil Mini Reader
-What is Photosynthesis? Mini Reader
(all mini readers are available in both full color and black & white)
-Parts of a Plant Flip Flaps
-Mini Reader Bookshelf Holder
-Detailed directions with photo examples

What will your students need?
-manilla folders or construction paper
-colored pencils / markers / crayons

76 reviews for Planting Unit | Plant Life Cycle | Ways Seeds Move

  1. Angie R.

    My students loved creating their plant life lap books. It is jam packed with great activities to go along with our plant unit in science.

  2. Sonja M.

    My students and I absolutely loved the format and info collected in this folder. It was easy to keep organized once we created all the pockets. It helped make our learning fun!

  3. Sonja M.

    My students and I absolutely loved the format and info collected in this folder. It was easy to keep organized once we created all the pockets. It helped make our learning fun!

  4. Amy M.

    I used this resource this spring as we studied plants. The students were engaged and enjoyed making the lap book as we studied each part. I will definitely use it again!

  5. Kim Gregg

    My students loved using this when learning about plants. I didn’t use all in this resource but there were so many great parts to this. I was able to pull out what I wanted to use with the students. They really enjoy anything with interactive notebooks.

  6. Brandy G.

    My students were so proud of their lap books. This made learning about plants more fun and engaging for my students. We used it along with planting flowers in our garden.

  7. Christine B.

    WOW! This unit is PACKED with SO MUCH!! I found there was too much information and had to spread it out for my class. But the kids LOVED the lessons-we printed the booklets and had 2 share ( to save our printer!) The lapbooks were a HIT! I will definitely use this again!

  8. Kerri D.

    I LOVE THIS! It makes teaching the TEKS easier on my part & it incorporates so much from other subjects. The kids love making these lap books! 🙂

  9. Shelby C.

    Worked great alongside planting our yearly garden. Lots of great starting points for discussions and my kids loves putting together their lap books

  10. Grace M.

    This is a lot to print for a big class, but it was so worth it! My kids were able to learn a lot about plants and also show what they’ve learned to others. I loved watching them show other people their lap folders.

  11. Cristi A.

    Thanks so much for such a great in depth resource. My students loved making the lap book, and I loved all the content that I was able to provide my students.

  12. alie W.

    Great resource as we are starting to learn about the life cycle of a plant and plant our own flowers, thank you so much! 🙂

  13. Lyndsay Eldridge

    Great to use during small groups for my students who need extra support with sentence structure.

  14. Kyle M.

    Love these! I use them every week as a center activity.

  15. Alison S.

    This is great for building much of what student’s missed in hands on learning. Many options to fit all levels.

  16. Ashley Q.

    Another wonderfully easy to use and engaging product! Thank you!

  17. Lauren G.

    Great Resource!

  18. Mara Page

    Perfect for my year one students!

  19. Kaitlin S

    My students loved making this lap book. We used it all through our plants unit. They were so excited to take it home to show their parents.

  20. Grace L.

    This was a great resource to accompany our growing garden at our school! The students were so engaged and the product really helped guide their learning of plants!

  21. Taylor M.

    So informational for mu students. I love that they were able to create something to keep in their journals. Interactive and cute!

  22. Filled with Joy

    I love this resource for teaching about plants! The books are especially wonderful and turned out so nice. My students learned a lot in this study and I could clearly see their improvement. The lap book is pretty simple but my students did enjoy it.

  23. I can’t make this stuff up

    Love the lap book as we ended the unit. A really cool project for the kiddos to take home to showoff all they learned.

  24. Margaret S.

    My students loved learning all about plants and this unit made it fun and so engaging! They loved being able to present all of their information in such a bright, colorful and fun folder that made it easy for them to discuss and show off their learning to their friends and families! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Christy P.

    This was a favorite activity this year! It kept the kids engaged and went right along with our curriculum. Absolutely loved this resource!!!

  26. Colleen A.

    My students absolutely loved learning with this unit. It was well laid out, easy to follow and so educational. I wish more products would be hands-on activities with the learning component. Order this today…you will be so happy you did!

  27. Lisa H.

    Great resource to keep all things plants in one place. My only request would be to create mini books as the books are wonderful but took a lot of paper to print. I made one class set that will be used for years to come.

  28. Shannon Z.

    My daughter usually doesn’t really care for lapbooks but I took a chance on this one and I am glad I did. It is an excellent resource and my daughter has really enjoyed it.

  29. Jennifer R.

    This was such a perfect project to wrap up our study of plants. This allowed my students to show all that they had learned!

  30. Belinda W.

    This resource has many different elements included. There are graphic organizers that are easy to use, student activities (including an observation journal), and several mini books related to the topic. Having the digital option makes presenting to the class a breeze. It is also a time-saver to have for students who are learning from home. Great quality!

  31. Lisa D.

    Such a fun way to teach this unit! I told my students that this was a way they could share their learning and they really enjoyed sharing with their book buddies in another grade.

  32. Rachael R.

    Students enjoyed creating these as a way to review and showcase what they learned each day during our Plants study. Thank you for sharing!

  33. Tracy K.

    This was a great independent activity (someties guided) for my Special Education students to work on during our plant unit. It was motivating for the to complete other work to get to work on this lapbook and color. Great supplement and way to enrich our plant unit.

  34. Laura Arndt

    This was a great resource for my students for our plant cycle. Using it to teach and for the students to have a reference guide was great!

  35. Erinn B.

    Wow! This lapbook is jam-packed with Angie Goodness. You covered it all. I love using these with my kids, and more importantly, they love them!

  36. Curls Crayons and Curriculum

    This craftivity was amazing! My students and I loved it and it is so cute. Thank you!

  37. Jessica Y.

    Perfect for teaching my students about plants! So cute and the kids loved putting the lapbooks together.

  38. Dawn K.

    My students loved the activities of this resource.

  39. Jessica Duval Holliday

    Students loved the activities! Very engaging! Will be using it again.

  40. Allison E.

    The students loved this interactive booklet. They loved the booklets that come with it.

  41. Nicole M.

    This is such an easy way to keep track of science data for our plant unit.

  42. Deborah Brown

    A fun hands on activity to support students learning.

  43. Fab and Fun in 4th

    Love this resource!

  44. Torie B.

    This was a fun and engaging way to learn about plants!!!

  45. Rebecca C.

    Such a fun way to display what we learned about plants!

  46. Kelly P.

    I loved this project during my planting unit. It was a great and fun way to reinforce all we learned!

  47. Haley G.

    Wonderful resource to use in the classroom!

  48. Courtney B.

    This was a great component and resource for our plant unit. You can’t go wrong with LLL items.

  49. Megan S.

    Great resource for a unit on plants! Thank you for sharing!

  50. Annette C.

    My class loved this for our plant life cycle unit! Thank you!

  51. Lynn Robbins

    This was an easy to use resource. Thank you for putting this together.

  52. Debra N.

    My students loved this!

  53. Tonya S.

    Great resource! My students really enjoyed using it and learned so much!

  54. Kim P.

    This is a super resource! It is super for the end of the year to keep students motivated and ready to learn!

  55. Debbie Q.

    Lots of great material that is engaging. SOme activites are more approprate for 3rd and 4th grade.

  56. Loren H.

    My students love this resource!! I look forward to using it every year!

  57. Flair for Teaching

    This was amazing! My students love when we get to do lapbooks and this one was exactly what I was looking for!

  58. Ashley A.

    Such a great way to teach students about plants. My students loved it!


    My students loved this activity! Thank you!

  60. Stephanie M.

    My students love this lap book!! Thank you!

  61. Billie B.

    My students loved using this resource to learn about plants.

  62. Keri M.

    This was a nice addition to our district curriculum.

  63. Louise P.

    Perfect for our home school unit on seeds, my child loved it and it was easy to use

  64. Laura S.

    This was exactly what I needed and my students loved using it!

  65. Lynn L.

    Great resource I used to go along with my plants unit. I love using flap books!

  66. Crystal Tomala

    Cute, fun and engaging!

  67. Sweet Kinderland

    My children had so much fun making this lap book. They were so proud to show them off when they were done. Thank you!

  68. Madison Randall

    Loved using this lap book. Students enjoyed creating them; nice to hang in the hall.

  69. A View into my Classroom

    My students loved these lap books during our plant unit! Thank you!

  70. Yoonhee P.

    Students had a great time with this activity.

  71. Janis P.

    This is a great resource for our Plant unit. It contains tons of activities and fun learning experiences.

  72. Brigette R.

    This is a great interactive during our Plant unit.

  73. MeZac

    I used portions of this with my first graders. Thank you.

  74. Jessica Tufts

    Great way for students to showcase thier learning at the end of a unit

  75. Ashley D.

    I loved this and so did my students! They loved creating their lapbook and all the pieces that came with it. So fun!

  76. Stacey F.

    Very easy to use and helps reinforce skills taught in the classroom.

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