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Do your students struggle with remembering to add a capital letter at the beginning of their sentences and a punctuation mark at the end of their sentences? Do they need more practice with correctly spelling commonly used sight words? Sentence fixers are the answer!

Sentence fixers are a practical, no prep way for your students to practice these essential skills.

This resource includes:
-Sentence Fixers cover page for binder
-40 pages of Sentence Fixers printables
-40 pages of Sentence Fixers answer keys

68 reviews for Sentence Fixers

  1. Shelley P.

    Great resource!!! The sentence are just the right length and has just enough mistakes that students are able to complete within a reasonable time frame.

  2. Kristy G.

    Wonderful resource for students to really think about a sentence and if it makes sense and looks right. They loved being ‘editors’ and fixing them up.

  3. Victoria P.

    My Students loves this assignment in 2nd grade. It was engaging and a great resource to use during this unit of second grade. Highly recommend.

  4. Maghan Fisher

    These are great for morning work after the skill has been introduced. Great way for students to continue practicing correct grammar.

  5. Lisa J.

    I really liked these to make sure students were understanding what we were going over. They just didn’t like to have to write. I found it a great way to practice skills.

  6. Amy S.

    I really liked these to make sure students were understanding what we were going over. They just didn’t like to have to write. I found it a great way to practice skills.

  7. Ellen Gonzales

    This is a great resource to help kids find mistakes in writing. The daily practice reinforces many concepts we only briefly touch on throughout the year. Excellent product!

  8. Emily H.

    I used this resource during our literacy workstations. It is perfect for a small group setting where students can work amongst themselves to correct each sentence. I love that we can focus on all parts (capitals, punctuation, spelling) or just one/two of the concepts. I love the functionality of this product!

  9. Sr Regina B.

    It was so helpful to have all of these pages ready made for daily grammar practice. The kids and I were able to easily incorporate these into our daily morning work routine.

  10. Taylor B.

    I have loved everything from Lucky Little Learners and this did not disappoint! A great way to review capitalization and punctuation!

  11. Autism Specialty Products

    My students really enjoying this resource. My students liked to be able to color the worksheet after completing it. As a teacher, I enjoyed the students having to complete more than one step to be able to color. Awesome idea!

  12. Kelsey N.

    My students have loved this resource! They have found the activities to be an engaging way to learn about the subject material.

  13. ALISHA M.

    What’s not to love about any of her products? I love the format, look, and overall content design of this resource. I have used it for independent work at stations or a quick little informal assessment. It’s not visually overwhelming for students, and the line spacing and length is great.

  14. Derek S.

    These sentence fixers are great for daily practice for my second graders. The entire worksheet was a little overwhelming for them, but having them complete 2 sentences a day was great.

  15. Shawna W.

    I used this as a warm up for my students. They would have a bell ringer and then work on it together. My students were LD and struggled with spelling, etc. So I would give them time to attempt to work on it alone and then we would look at it and correct it together. Every now and then we would send one home for homework, as well. It was a very good resource, though!

  16. Alexandra White

    Love this resource! The spelling mistakes are easy mistakes though. Would like to see the mistakes be a little more challenging!

  17. Mallory P.

    Great resource, I used this in my classroom for independent work and morning work. I will be using this again next year!

  18. Patricia N.

    This resource is great to use as a review of the standard being taught. I also liked to use the “I do, we do, you do” strategy with this.

  19. Shawneen Nwenam

    I have used this resource for my remote students! It is a great way to remind them of writing expectations. It also helps to fill any gaps that they might be missing because of remote learning taking place at the end of the year last year.

  20. Alison S.

    My class love being detectives and fixing up these sentences. It is a great independent or small group activity to consolidate explicit teaching and to give students daily practise of editing.

  21. Brittany M.

    I am SO thankful for these Sentence Fixers! My students always come in struggling to write complete sentences, but once we started doing these together as a class their writing has improved so much! I’m so glad I found these!

  22. Susana C.

    I use these to teach students both basic writing skills but also computer/google slide skills. This has been a great resource and the kids enjoy completing it!

  23. Amy B.

    I stuck this in my Work on Writing station. It went along perfectly with what we were doing in our Writer’s workshop. I was also able to put it on SeeSaw where my kids were able to do it at home as well.

  24. Victoria W.

    My student struggles with writing sentences, so it is important to review basic edits regularly. I used this resource during distance learning to help reinforce this skill. I liked the variety of sentences provided.

  25. Elizabeth Costa

    I loved this product, it reinforces attention to capitals and punctuation. It also helps with spelling. Exactly what I was looking for.

  26. Heather S.

    Exactly what I was looking for when I noticed how much my daughter needed help with basic sentence structure and such. From someone who used to teach second grade I was shocked at how much my daughter lacked in this area. Thank you for this!!! She might not thank you but I do!!!

  27. Alissa M.

    Used these every week to help my students practice applying correct mechanics in their writing. My students loved becoming independent with this activity as the year progressed. I am excited to see the digital version!

  28. Valerie A.

    I used this for my 4/5/6 SDC students to practice basic skills while distance learning and I found that it was a very valuable resource.

  29. Karen Bippus

    This was a perfect way to practice our proofreading skills. We worked together at first. Then gradually the kids became independent, and would take turns explaining how to fix each sentence for me and the other students in our class. Loved these!

  30. Chelsea H.

    My students completed these daily during independent work; this would also be a good practice for morning work/morning meetings! They became used to the routine quickly and became expert sentence fixers! Would highly recommend!

  31. G Ryan E.

    I love this resource! I use the sentence fixers for review, morning work, and in centers. Perfect quick check for grammar.

  32. Kathy S.

    I bought these for my upcoming 2nd grader, he needed more practice with fixing mistakes in sentences and these were prefect. He really learned a lot from doing these worksheets and enjoyed doing them as well. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful products, we have several things from your shop and we love all of them 🙂

  33. Karyn Brunton

    I’m able to move the circles and type but my students aren’t. How do I assign it in google classroom for the students to be able to edit?

  34. Melissa Tobon

    This resource was excellent for distance learning. It’s very easy for students to use. Great practice for appropriate writing.

  35. Brylee S.

    This is a great resource. I love that it looks at all those standards and really has students showing us if they understand them or not. Thank you for providing a resource that is beneficial to student learning.

  36. Lauren M.

    This was perfect punctuation and mechanics practice for my first grade daughter during our time home in the Covid-19 pandemic. Her teacher has them practice these sentences every day, and I teach ninth grade English, so it was a win-win for this teacher mama.

  37. Brigette H.

    I used this with some of my kiddos that struggle in reading, spelling and writing. It was a great resource to assess their IEP goals.

  38. Ashley M.

    This was a guided assignment and was helpful for having students exposed to gen ed curriculum while working on handwriting.

  39. Maria S.

    My students were really struggling with identifying inconsistencies in their writing. Well not anymore. We have been working on these pages consistently and they have helped them improve. Thanks LLL!

  40. Busy Teacher Hive

    I look forward to your emails every week and honestly this product is amazing! Thank you 🙂

  41. Arranged for Austism

    SO excited for these! Great for one of my kiddos who is far above his peers, but still needs repetitive materials/formats. Perfect!

  42. Jenny C.

    This is perfect for my second and third grade ELL students! All of your resources are fantastic for my English learners. Thank you!

  43. Miranda H.

    These were great to use for writing stations. Thanks!

  44. Lynn Robbins

    Easy to print and pass out, good resourse, kids found it engaging, and was extra supplement for my lessons.

  45. Meganne S.

    Used as morning work, centers, RTI groups, exit tickets, and assessments. Worked great for all of them.

  46. 3rd Grade Teacher Tribe

    This was wonderful! Thank you so much!!

  47. Diane B.

    Great activity for sentence writing.

  48. Elba G.

    Me and my students loved this resource! Thank you for making it!

  49. Kimberly Wallace

    I used these for independent practice to prepare students for their weekly assessment.

  50. Timothy T.

    Using these as part of our literacy centers. It is definitely beginning to show my students how to self edit

  51. Maria G.

    I have used this for morning work and for homework. Easy print and go.

  52. Sheryl L.

    A very user-friendly resource for remote learning last year and in-person learning this year.

  53. Tiffany S.

    I used these every week with my students! It is my favorite resource for correcting sentences.

  54. Bethany M.

    This is great! My students need to practice this and this is something they can do independently.

  55. Cayley D.

    Excellent for morning work! Thank you!

  56. Hales Tales

    Great use for students who have the skill level to find mistakes.

  57. the brave little teacher

    This was great to include in our writing packet for students!

  58. Jennifer D.

    Great Grammar resource. Loved using it for the morning work.

  59. Felicita H.

    This was a great resource! We completed some activities guided and students also worked independently.

  60. Christine C.

    Good practice of skills for my students. Thank you!

  61. Elizabeth B.

    Thank you for this extra resource. I appreciate all the work you put into this for us to use.

  62. Tristan Pedersen

    I use these all the time! A fantastic resource and ready to use!

  63. Sandy C.

    I sent these home for extra practice with sentences.

  64. Laura C.

    Great Resource! Thank you so much.

  65. Jessica S.

    A great variety of sentences for my kids to use as practice!

  66. Julie L.

    A great variety of sentences for my kids to use as practice!

  67. Chelsea Garcia

    Quick way for students to practice writing sentences correctly.

  68. Kelly H.

    My students love this resource. They love being sentence detectives. I wish I had found this resource sooner.

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