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2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages | Sequencing Nonfiction

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Did you know?! This is included in Lucky Little Learners All Access!
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These engaging reading passages - and comprehension questions - on three different levels allow you to differentiate reading instruction easily!

Want to improve reading fluency?
Each passage includes a word count and a fluency tracker. Perfect for repeated readings and fluency practice.
Need more resources for comprehension practice?
36 total passages with fresh material for students to read! Differentiated question pages with 6 questions for each passage.
Looking for reading homework, interventions, or assessments?
These skill-focused passages and question pages are perfect for any of the above! Use in small groups, reading centers, reading partners, and more.
  • 12 nonfiction titles & question pages at grade level
  • 12 nonfiction titles & question pages below grade level
  • 12 nonfiction titles & question pages above grade level
  • 6 of the question pages focused on sequencing and steps
  • 6 of the question pages focused on mixed comprehension skills
  • Answer keys
  • Digital version of each level of each passage & questions (Google Forms) - can be used on any device and assigned with any platform!
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29 reviews for 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages | Sequencing Nonfiction

  1. Tatiana G.

    I use these texts to give my emerging readers complex and authentic texts to read and help them grow their fluency and comprehension!


    Excellent resource! Very aligned with the standards we use to drive instruction. The students have enjoyed the variety of learning experiences from this set of activities. Thanks so much!

  3. Krystal L.

    I love this resource so much I have to go back and buy the bundle. Many of my students are below grade level in reading. The differentiated passages were great practice for my close reading mini lessons. Students find the passages engaging and it really helped them to practice the skill of sequencing with a more accessible text.

  4. Leticia P.

    Loved these passages! They were great practice for my early finishers and also used for homework! Great passages and enjoyable.

  5. Shanna G.

    This set has been so helpful for teaching my kids how to read an informational text. Their skills improved tremendously after practicing with this in guided reading group.

  6. Dianne L.

    I used this during intervention block and to work on fluency with my students. This is wonderful for small group since it is already differentiated for you. I was able to use the higher level for my more advanced students this year. Wonderful resource to use.

  7. Margaret S.

    Thank you for such a great center activity. These short, but interesting stories helped my students practice so many important reading skills. I like that they were differentiated so I could choose the story/questions that were appropriate for each group. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Shanna L S.

    I purchased this to use with my high reading ability first grade students. It was perfect for reading comprehension and fluency!

  9. Elizabeth W.

    My students loved this resource for their reading homework! They were engaged in the resource and had no trouble completing it on their own. They found the passages engaging. It didn’t take much time to prepare this resource. I would advice printing it out and putting it in a notebook for easy organization. I LOVE how it is already differentiated for me. I will be buying the rest of these resources to use next year!

  10. Karen C

    The articles in this purchase were very much enjoyed by my students. I teach alternate curriculum students in 6-8 grade, functioning below 4th grade level. These articles are high interest, and foster great discussion among the students. Thank you!!!

  11. Emily H.

    I loved being about to give students access to the same text at their level, thank you!

  12. Carla U.

    This resource is wonderful. I also used it to teach standard RI.2.5 focusing on sequencing.

  13. Christine C.

    Wow- reading comprehension using non fiction texts were great!

  14. Samantha F.

    These are just perfect for weekly practice! They are very user friendly and perfect to see where students are at.

  15. Lilly S.

    We use these passages for our daily fluency practice in class. Love that they’re differentiated.

  16. Leigh L.

    My students loved the topics and we worked hard to find all of the text evidence .

  17. Jennifer S.

    These are a game changer! So easy to use and were exactly what my students needed.

  18. Stacy K.

    These were used as independent reading practice for high level 1st grade readers. They are well written.

  19. Nutenna W.

    This is a wonderful resource to have. I love that it has the different levels.

  20. Yariddyn M.

    My student enjoyed using this resource, they were engaged and it is easy to use.

  21. Lori F.

    Great resource. Passages are just the right length for my kiddos. Informative and interesting. Thanks!

  22. Colleen Moore

    These are great passages for reading groups, thank you!

  23. Kristin A.

    Easy for me to pass on for assistant to use in small group remediation.

  24. Life Skill Leaners

    Perfect resource to work on comprehension of the passage – hits many skills!!

  25. Be Second to None

    Thanks so much! I turtored one of my former students with this product, and she loved it!

  26. Karen Blanchard

    Love this! Thanks for sharing your talent! So HAPPY I have this for a resource!

  27. Margaret Reames

    Used with my summer school class to prepare them for the upcoming school year

  28. lisa B.

    I love these passages for small reading groups. The variety of passage ideas is great.

  29. a V.

    Great activity! Keeps my students engaged!

    Thank you

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