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2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages | Summarizing and Moral of the Story

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  • Year long set of 576 fluency comprehension passages

    Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle

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These engaging reading passages - and comprehension questions - on three different levels allow you to differentiate reading instruction easily!

Want to improve reading fluency?
Each passage includes a word count and a fluency tracker. Perfect for repeated readings and fluency practice.
Need more resources for comprehension practice?
36 total passages with fresh material for students to read! Differentiated question pages with 6 questions for each passage.
Looking for reading homework, interventions, or assessments?
These skill-focused passages and question pages are perfect for any of the above! Use in small groups, reading centers, reading partners, and more.
  • 12 fiction titles & question pages at grade level
  • 12 fiction titles & question pages below grade level
  • 12 fiction titles & question pages above grade level
  • 6 of the question pages focused on summarizing & moral of the story
  • 6 of the question pages focused on mixed comprehension skills
  • Answer keys
  • Digital version of each level of each passage & questions (Google Forms) - can be used on any device and assigned with any platform!
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40 reviews for 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages | Summarizing and Moral of the Story

  1. Jenny L.

    Put this in your cart and hit purchase! This resource is amazing. Super easy to prep and it has 3 levels. The students enjoyed the various topics and showing their abilities to read and comprehend! 🙂

  2. Valerie A.

    These are wonderful to use with reading groups at all level! I love the different subjects that accompany our classroom studies.

  3. Crystal K.

    These passages are amazing! I love the differentiation with each passage. They are perfect for whole group, independent work, and small group.

  4. Jodi N.

    My students loved reading these passages during seat work. Students read them independently while I was working with reading groups.

  5. Roylyn T.

    This was a great resource for our Moral of the Story unit. I loved that we could practice both fluency and our comprehension skill. Thanks!

  6. Mary C.

    This is a great resource and my students love reading the stories. I like that there are different levels of the same passage as well as comprehension questions.

  7. Mia V.

    Our priority standard this quarter was summarizing and this helped tremendously in providing scaffolds for students. I loved that the differentiation and used the passages in small groups. My students’ reading levels range from 1st grade to early 4th grade and this was engaging for all of them. Thanks for a great resource!

  8. Brittany D.

    I love these passages. I send them home for homework and believe it or not, some of my parents were timing their fluencies. I was impressed when I looked at their work. Great resource for homework and classwork!

  9. Marcy N

    My students enjoyed being pulled in small groups to read these stories to me. They were funny, interesting, and kept them engaged. There was below level options, on level options, above level options, and so much more. This is something I will definitely use in my classroom every year. Thank you so much for this great resource!

  10. Margaret S.

    Thank you for such a great center activity. These short, but interesting stories helped my students practice so many important reading skills. I like that they were differentiated so I could choose the story/questions that were appropriate for each group. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Valarie D.

    I love that the stories aren’t too short or too long and cover the standards well. It’s also so easy to assign this digitally to meet the needs of my remote learners. Thanks!

  12. Kimberly E.

    Wonderful resource. I highly recommend! I used this all the time.

  13. Jenny T.

    Wonderful resource to reach SO many standards! Thanks!

  14. Janel E.

    This resource helped me and my students so much! Thank you!

  15. C C.

    Great resource for practicing reading and retelling

  16. Jillian B.

    I loved to use this resource with my students to learn moral of the story.

  17. Jadyn G.

    My students were engaged in these readings. I like that there are different levels.

  18. Tegan A.

    I am using this for my small groups for MAP review!

  19. Liana Z.

    This was helpful for use as both reading comp and fluency practice!

  20. Cynthia S.

    Great Resource 🙂 I have used it with my 2nd graders. They enjoyed this very much!

  21. amanda L.

    THis is an amazing resource. I love how easy it was to use and my students love it.

  22. Melissa Rowland

    Great for my students with fluency goals.

  23. Katie W.

    Great for summarizing and retelling!

  24. Rachel Rosenblum

    This was super helpful for teaching summarizing!

  25. Brady M.

    I used this for my 3-5th graders who needed extra help with story grammar and story retell!

  26. Jennifer Robinson – Preparing Lifelong Learners

    Using this resource for below grade level readers to have leveled homework or reading passages for homework/extra work.

  27. Third Grade Wonders

    Students loved the text. It was grade level appropriate for second grade.

  28. It’s a Primary World

    Love this product. The differentiated levels are great.

  29. Julia W.

    Love to use these in my small groups to help with my lower level readers.

  30. Mattilynn M

    My kiddos loved this! It’s a great resource to practice comprehension, summarizing, and moral of the story.

  31. Nutenna W.

    I love that all my students can read about the same topic at different levels.

  32. Kristin T.

    These passages are great to use in small groups and independent group time.

  33. Jackie McCuistion

    This is a great resource to check for understanding! My students love the stories!

  34. Bridget F.

    These are great for my high 1st grade readers.

  35. Carolyn M.

    Another terrific resource from Lucky Little Learners

  36. Stephanie Lucier

    I love that the stories aren’t too short or too long and cover the standards well.

  37. Allison P.

    Worked great for my classroom, very engaging.

  38. Almira T.

    The passages are very engaging to my students. Questions offer opportunities to assess comprehension of the reading.

  39. Claire Juodis

    This was a great resource to use, especially with some of my more advanced readers.

  40. Jessica L.

    My students are very engaged and love the comprehension stories.

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