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Alphabet Posters (Manuscript)


Total Pages: 13
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This product includes 26 alphabet posters with clean, crisp, quality, simple, and child friendly images that your students are sure to love! Each poster is approximately 4" x 5". The following images were used for each letter:

A: apple
B: bear
C: cat
D: dog
E: elephant
F: foot
G: grapes
H: hand
I: igloo
J: jellyfish
K: key
L: ladybug
M: mitten
N: nose
O: orange
P: pig
Q: quarter
R: rainbow
S: snail
T: tree
U: umbrella
V: volcano
W: wagon
X: x-ray
Y: yarn
Z: zipper

Please download the preview file for a closer look at each image/poster.


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