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Back to School Gift Tags | Students Teacher Staff Gift Tags | Editable Gift Tags

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This gift tags pack includes many fun tags to help you celebrate students at back to school, birthday, and end of year. It also includes gift tags for volunteers and other teachers! This resource is editable, customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and pairs with cheap gifts that can be found easily.

WAIT! This resource is part of our basic or bright CLASSROOM SET UP BUNDLE! Take a look to save money and have a consistent design throughout your classroom.

Need cute gift tags that don’t require color ink? 

The gift tags included can be printed on any paper color(s) you wish. White, brights, neutrals, pastels, boho colors, and more! 

Want a variety of gift tags that are easy to customize?

This resource includes editable versions so that you can get the wording perfect for your students. Whether you need a gift for the beginning of the school year, or a tag for birthday gifts, this pack has something for you!

Looking for an easy gift for volunteers and other staff?

The gift tags included will pair easily with small treats and gifts to show your appreciation for your coworkers and parent volunteers too!

NOTE: Editable versions are included in the download. Instructions are also included!

*Want to take a look inside this resource and see each component? Download the preview file to check it out!*


Back to School Student Gift Tags:

  • Orange you glad it’s the first week of school?
  • You were mint to be in my class
  • Let’s start this year off write
  • In this class, we’ll stick together 
  • It’s going to be a bright school year
  • This year is going to be SWEET
  • This year will be poppin’
  • School supply bookmark
  • This year is going to be sweet!

End of the Year Gift Tags:

  • I hope your summer is bursting with fun
  • Being your teacher has been a TREAT
  • It’s ofishally summer
  • This year was picture perfect

Birthday Gift Tags:

  • Sip Sip Hooray! It’s your special day!
  • I hope your birthday is SWEET
  • Happy birthday!
  • I hope your birthday is popping with fun!

Parent Gift Tags:

  • Thank you soap much for your help
  • Thank you for your involveMINT.
  • Your help has been such a treat

Teacher Appreciation Tags:

  • Thanks a LATTE
  • Thanks for a sweet school year
  • Thank you for helping me grow.

Teammate Gift Tags:

  • I donut know what I’d do without you
  • Teammates like you are refreshing
  • Something out of the blue because I love you!

Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

—--I'm so excited to get this resource. I have been updating some of the things In my classroom for the upcoming year. The resources included have given me so many options to fit my decor. - Karen B.

—--This is so versatile. I love how you can personalize to fit your classroom.  There is so much in this bundle and I am excited to use this when I set up my classroom this year.  I have many calendars and charts from all over.(hand me downs, freebies,etc.) I can't wait to have everything match. Thanks for creating this resource. - Tamara B.

—-I love that this can be used with any color and that I don't have to use color ink to print it.  It's a classy look for a classroom and just what I was looking for.  - Laura G.

I can’t wait to hear how this classroom gift tags pack helps you easily celebrate your students and other staff! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it went. Happy teaching!


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21 reviews for Back to School Gift Tags | Students Teacher Staff Gift Tags | Editable Gift Tags

  1. Beth L.

    It is so nice to have a resource that has all the tags I need in one place. It saves me so much time. I don’t have to look through files and downloads anymore, I can just go straight to this and print what I need. Thank you!

  2. Kaylee W.

    This is a great resource! I love that it not only had gift tags for students for beginning and end of the year but it also had a few gift tags for coworkers as well. Definitely worth the money!

  3. Morgan S.

    These tags made classroom celebrations fun! I attached these to goody bags and other surprises!

  4. Beth M.

    There are so many great gift tags and ideas to use! Thank you!!

  5. Jessica Accomazzo

    Great variety of tags for all throughout the year.

  6. Laura J.

    Super cute and can be used in many different ways!

  7. Kim H.

    Great product! Thank you! Nice variety of gift tags.

  8. Michelle T.

    Fun way to spice up little gifts for my students!

  9. Kathryn S.

    An AMAZING resource! Thank you for sharing your creativity and hard work with others!!

  10. Marisol Gonzalez

    My students loved this tags, they are happy to be praised like this!!! It gives possitive reinforcement!

  11. Analuisa Salcedo

    Great resource! My students love this activity for our classroom.

  12. Stacy B.

    I enjoy giving small rewards and thank yous to staff members throughout the year.

  13. Jackie G.

    Perfect! Great resource! Thanks so much!

  14. Melinda C.

    This was a wonderful resource to have not only for the beginning of the year. Very well designed.

  15. Delila S.

    So many cute ideas to show your appreciation to students. Great time saving resource! Thank you!

  16. Kelly C.

    Cute way to let my kids know how much I care about them.

  17. Andrea Moon

    This resource helped me find cute sayings for handing out goodies to my students. Thank you so much.

  18. Laurie G.

    Excellent product, well worth the money. Thank you so much for making my job a little easier! 😛

  19. Nicole C.

    I love these as student gift tags.

  20. Scott’s Scholars

    My students loved these at Meet the Teacher Night. Thanks!

  21. Lisa B.

    Very cute gift tags! Lot’s of options and ideas! Love that I don’t have to use color ink!. Colored paper makes it fun!!!

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