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Editable Classroom Jobs | Class Jobs Chart | Classroom Helpers | Basic or Bright Collection



This classroom jobs resource includes everything you need to get set up a classroom jobs system! This resource is customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and not overwhelming or overstimulating. It is easy to assemble and both teacher and kid-friendly!

WAIT! This resource is part of our basic or bright CLASSROOM SET UP BUNDLE! Take a look to save money and have a consistent design throughout your classroom.

Need a job chart that fits your colors?

The job cards can be printed on any paper color(s) you wish! Brights, neutrals, pastels, etc.

Want a pack of jobs that you can edit?

The job cards included in this pack are editable! The fonts used are free, and you can type any wording you like. 36 pre-made cards are included.

Looking for a job chart to use each year?

This pack includes both vertical & horizontal cards, display headers, numbers, & even a job application.

NOTE: Editable versions of each part of the resource are included in the download. Instructions are also included!

*Want to take a look inside this resource and see each component? Download the preview file to check it out!*


Job cards option 1:

  • 36 jobs
  • Editable cards
  • 3.6” x 3.4” cards

Job cards option 2:

  • 36 jobs
  • Editable cards
  • 3” x 8” cards

Display header

  • 2 designs 

Student numbers

2 designs

Job application for students


  1. Attendance taker
  2. Chair stacker
  3. Gardener
  4. Mail sorter
  5. Desk checker
  6. Folder stuffer
  7. Technology assistant
  8. Center checker
  9. Homework checker
  10. Supply monitor
  11. Board cleaner
  12. Hand sanitizer
  13. Teacher’s assistant
  14. Morning greeter
  15. Electrician
  16. Cleanup crew
  17. Lunch helper
  18. Folder checker
  19. Pencil sharpener
  20. Phone duty
  21. Paper manager
  22. Snack helper
  23. Problem solver
  24. Time keeper
  25. Bathroom monitor
  26. Calendar helper
  27. Substitute
  28. Door holder
  29. Errand runner
  30. Pledge leader
  31. Recycler
  32. Pet caretaker
  33. Caboose
  34. Table washer
  35. Librarian
  36. Line leader

Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!

—--The fact that I can pick the color cardstock I want to fit my classroom theme is SO appealing! I love that the designs are simple, yet fun! - Erica H.

—--I love how streamlined and clean these look!  Their timeless and simple design allows these to be used in classrooms for years and years to come without going out of style! - Angie O.

—-Bright, bold, & clean new look for my classroom! Easy set-up & cute designs to make the classroom brighter. -Melanie M.

I can’t wait to hear how this classroom jobs pack helps you set up the classroom of your dreams! Send me a message after you download and let me know about your set-up. Happy teaching!


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