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First Grade Phonics Centers

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Are your students at so many different levels that it makes your head swim? NOW… Imagine each student focused and engaged every day with phonics activities aligned perfectly with the skills they need. If this is your dream, then you need this first grade phonics centers pack! This resource will provide you & your students with hands-on, engaging activities focused on phonics skills!
This resource is perfect for any beginning reader, even in second grade or beyond. These centers can be used for center activities, small group activities, literacy interventions, mini lessons, skills practice & review, and even for fast finishers!
  • 36 phonics centers to help students solidify speech-to-sound correspondences
  • Visual instruction card for each center to promote student independence
  • Recording sheets for each center for student accountability and a quick check of understanding
  • Answer keys for each center for grading ease and/or student self-checking
  • Full color AND black & white centers for any printing situation
  • Easy-to-prep centers so you don’t get hand cramps cutting out pieces for days
​​Consonant review
Short vowel vs. long vowel
Short vowel A
Short vowel O
Short vowel I
Short vowel U
Short vowel E
Mixed short vowels (CVC)
Digraph SH
Digraph TH
Digraph CH
Digraphs WH and PH
Digraph CK
CVCe (a_e, i_e)
CVCe (o_e, u_e, e_e)
Long a vowel teams (ay, ai)
Long e vowel teams (ee, ea, ey)
Long i vowel teams (ie, igh)
Long o vowel teams (oe, oa, ow)
Long u vowel teams (ew, ue, ui)
L blends (bl, cl, sl, pl, fl, gl)
R blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr)
S blends (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw)
R-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur)
R-controlled vowel (ar)
R-controlled vowel (or)
Diphthongs (oi/oy)
Diphthong (ou, ow)
Diphthongs (au/aw)
Long and short oo
Y as a vowel
Inflectional endings
Multisyllabic words (open)
Multisyllabic words (closed)
Double consonants + ing
Classroom teachers are already loving this resource!
“This provided materials and activities to help support my struggling readers. This gives them an opportunity to work at their own level independently!”   -Melanie
“I use the phonics centers (long e, diagraph) in my reteach/small groups! I usually explain the phonics rule, then we build some words together, and then I divide up the cards, and the kids practice sorting. It worked so well, and my students were fully engaged!”  - Stacy
“All but 5 or 6 of my second graders are on a K/1 level so this is wonderful for more levels of differentiation! I do an after school group on Wednesdays for some kids in my class and will be using these during that time as well.”  - Alyssa
I can’t wait to hear how these literacy centers transform your literacy block! Send me a message after you download and let me know how it’s going. Happy teaching!
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All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
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Not for public display.
If you have any questions about this resource, please contact me at customerservice@luckylittlelearners.com

24 reviews for First Grade Phonics Centers

  1. Katie N.

    My students love this. I am new to teaching 1st grade so finding phonics activities that were easy for both my students and myself was the most important.

  2. Kathie D.

    These are a great way to get in skills practice without using technology. Our students ned that break from technology. These are fun and engaging activities that help students practice phonics skills.

  3. Megan E.

    I loved using this for my students for their independent time while. I worked with others- it was just the right skill level.

  4. The working Bee

    My phonics centers are done for the year all thanks to this resource! It hits of every skill I need for the whole entire year. I am obsessed!

  5. Jillian Y.

    Love these hands-on center activities!

    Being in Canada, some of the skills and concepts involved are slightly too difficult for most of my grade 1 students. However, they could work well for grade 2 students or students that need a challenge.

  6. Miss Nealon

    This product was extremely helpful for my first year teaching first grade! Everything was easy to use and the students enjoyed the centers. I also liked how there were forms for the students to fill out to help keep them accountable for completing their best work. Very happy with my purchase.

  7. Melanie’s Primary Magic

    I am making the move from 4th to 1st grade next year and am starting to get everything prepped. These centers are a great resource! Everything is so well done and engaging. I can’t wait to start prepping and putting these to action in my classroom next year. Thank you!

  8. Yvonne Folmar

    I stumbled upon this after being on your blog I believe. I was getting some handwriting stuff. I saw this and had to have it because it is so colorful and fun. It is just what my daughter needs to capture and keep her interest. I use these for both practicing what she has learned, but I often use centers to simply teach something. Because I am homeschooling it is easy to it this way than do a big formal lesson. And they are not bored to tears! Thank you for this fun phonics!

  9. Marina R.

    I am always looking for ways for my students to practice the phonics patterns that they have learned. These centers are perfect. Lots of ways to practice!

  10. Katarina W.

    This was a very fun, hands on activity for students to participate in!

  11. Reading is Fantastic

    I have used these as review with my RTI small groups.

  12. Christine M.

    Very helpful resource for students struggling with reading.

  13. Katherine W.

    Super great games ! My students really enjoy playing them!!

  14. Mrs Maxies Scholars

    Thank you for creating fun and engaging resources!

  15. Hope K.

    Another great product from a completely reliable source!!!

  16. Teaching with Whizdom

    Great resource, thank you!

  17. Diana T.

    Great, comprehensive resource! My students love it!

  18. Fun in Second

    Thank-you! Wonderful resource.

  19. Ashley A.

    So colorful! Used a few with my first graders and excited to use again next year!

  20. Abigail Santaw

    These are great centers! My students were engaged the whole time!

  21. Kimberly H.

    This was very helpful. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Valerie B.

    So many wonderful center activities for my first graders.

  23. Barbara H.

    I love this resource! Thank you so much! Highly recommend!

  24. Lodato’s Loves

    This is a great station for my kiddos!

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