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Narrative Writing Pack


This pack of writing prompts, centers, and visual rubric is perfect for helping your students master Narrative Writing!

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Unlock the power of storytelling in your classroom with our Narrative Writing Pack, expertly designed for 1st and 2nd graders! This pack is your all-in-one solution to nurture young writers throughout the entire school year. With a focus on creativity, structure, and fun, our pack includes everything you need to turn your students into confident storytellers.

What’s Inside:

  • 30 Narrative Writing Prompts: Spark imagination with a wide range of prompts, each tailored with two versions to perfectly match the abilities of 1st and 2nd graders. From adventurous quests to magical tales, we've got every season and occasion covered. Planning pages accompany each prompt, guiding students through the brainstorming process to develop their unique stories.
  • 11 Hands-On Writing Centers: Dive into narrative writing with our engaging, hands-on centers designed to break down the writing process into manageable and enjoyable parts. Each center focuses on a different aspect of narrative writing, from hooking the reader to crafting a compelling ending. Available in both color and black & white, with easy-to-follow instruction pages and recording sheets for students to track their progress. These centers are not only a breeze to prep but also a hit with the kids!
  • Visual Writing Rubric: Take the guesswork out of grading with our visually appealing writing rubric. Ranging from scores 1 to 4, the rubric comes with examples of student writing at each level, making it an invaluable tool for assessment and feedback. It's also perfect for displaying on your bulletin board, helping students understand what makes a great narrative piece.

Key Features:

  • Activities designed to align with common core standards for narrative writing.
  • Dual versions for 1st and 2nd grade students to ensure developmentally appropriate challenges.
  • Engaging, hands-on approach to learning that encourages active participation.
  • Comprehensive resources for a whole year of narrative writing practice.


  • Enhances creativity and imagination in young writers.
  • Builds strong writing skills with a focus on the narrative structure.
  • Fosters independence in the writing process through structured planning and centers.
  • Provides clear expectations and feedback with a user-friendly rubric.

Whether you’re looking to inspire your students’ next great story or build foundational writing skills, our Ultimate Narrative Writing Pack has everything you need to make narrative writing a highlight of your curriculum. Transform your classroom into a vibrant storytelling workshop where every student’s imagination can soar!

Grab your pack today and watch your young authors’ stories come to life!

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