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Reading Toothy ® Bundle – 2nd Grade

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Have you heard of Toothy® yet?! Toothy® task kits are highly engaging task card games or phonics centers that allow students to practice skills and answer questions in a fun, motivating way. The answers on the back of the phonics task cards make the activity self-paced and self-correcting.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WOW!!! Such a comprehensive and easy-to-use kit. Covers a wide range of skills in an engaging way. Tasks are manageable and grade-level appropriate. -Kelsie K.


Reading Toothy® Bundle for 2nd Grade! Have you heard of Toothy® yet?! Toothy® task kits are highly engaging task card games or centers that allow students to practice skills and answer questions in a fun, motivating way. The answers on the back of the task cards make the activity self-paced and self-correcting.

Teach the rules for Toothy® once at the beginning of the year, then simply switch out the topic each week and use the activity all year!

You can watch a demonstration and explanation of these Toothy Task Kits here: Toothy Facebook Video Tutorial

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An explanation of why reading Toothy is perfect for your classroom  Images showing reading Toothy in action.

Toothy Task Kits are a great option for your students as centers, early finishers, or even morning work. The Toothy mats make these activities highly engaging! The answers on the back of the cards allow for these activities to be self-paced and self-correcting.

A page explaining how to play Toothy  A list of everything included in each task kit


Reading comprehension skills included

  1. Main Idea & Key Details (fiction & nonfiction)
  2. Sequencing
  3. Making Inferences
  4. Fact & Opinion
  5. Compare & Contrast (fiction & nonfiction)
  6. Compare & Contrast (folktales & fairytales)
  7. Author's Purpose
  8. Shades of Meaning (vocabulary)
  9. Nonfiction Text Features
  10. Problem & Solution
  11. Story Elements
  12. Context Clues
  13. Character Traits
  14. Cause & Effect
  15. Summarizing
  16. Genre

A digram showing reading comprehension Toothy Toothy mats included Extras included in this resource


  • 360 high-interest passages and/or scenarios to go with the skills
  • 2nd grade text complexity
  • task cards w/ questions & answers to print on the back of the task cards
  • 12 Toothy mats (boy & girl) (black & white and full color)
  • container labels
  • recording sheets
  • answer keys
  • directions
  • prep suggestions
  • skill box cover
  • skill checklist



Each partner gets a Toothy mat and dry erase marker. Students will take turns choosing a card. Each student who is playing the game will solve the problem on their Toothy mat or dry erase board. When all who are playing have answered the question, they compare their answers and then turn the card over to check to see if their answer is correct. Those who have a correct answer get to draw a tooth in Toothy’s mouth on their mat. If the student’s answer is incorrect, they do not draw a tooth and those who got the answer correct must explain how they got to the correct answer. Then the next student draws the next card and the process is repeated. The game is over once all the cards have been answered. The student with the most teeth in Toothy’s mouth is the winner of the game.

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40 reviews for Reading Toothy ® Bundle – 2nd Grade

  1. Kelli B.

    Absolutely love how these task cards are put together!! My students are able to do this independently to review a skill that has been recently used in our large group lessons.

  2. Kelsie Kloos

    WOW!!! Such a comprehensive and easy-to-use kit. Covers a wide range of skills in an engaging way. Tasks are manageable and grade-level appropriate.

  3. Stephanie Y.

    I am so excited to use these this year with my second graders! I have heard many great things about the toothy bundles so I decided to jump on the band wagon!

  4. Samantha S.

    My students LOVE toothy, and loving the reading one now! It has been so beneficial during stations to have a great and engaging resource

  5. Kaitlyn L.

    Reading can be a struggle with our younger learners and these task cards helped my little ones so much and it helped them become a little more independent in the classroom with their learning. We enjoy them.

  6. Jill S.

    My students love Toothy! I started with Toothy Math, and then bought the rest – grammar, phonics, and reading!!! I love how versatile it is – students can play with partners, by themselves, I can have them record their answers or just let them practice. Great resource!

  7. April Goodlin

    My students love Toothy and so do I, as it keeps their attention and helps them learn at the same time. I’m so in love with all of the activities and can’t wait to prep and use all of the reading comprehension toothy to add to my collection!

  8. Jennifer C.

    My students love using these as their morning work! It is easy to organize and keep in small bins so students can grab what they need and go!

  9. Alexandra White

    I absolutely love these task cards! It is so easy for my students to complete independently! Thank you so much for a wonderful resource!

  10. Elizabeth H.

    This is great task box activities for extra practice. I used it for some for review and others to help solidify the concepts.

  11. Cara C.

    I used this with 2nd grade students in an after-school tutoring program. I read the cards to them because they are struggling readers, but the kids loved using these with the toothy mats. The skills are appropriate for 2nd graders. And, anything Toothy is a hit with my kids, so they were engaged the whole time.

  12. Alexandra W.

    These are great resources that are very engaging and interactive for my students. My students love using these task cards during our centers.

  13. Erin P.

    Toothy products are a must have in the classroom! My students really enjoy playing the Toothy games (I have Toothy math too) and I love that they can work independently and check their own answers.

  14. The Chamber of 2nd Grade Secrets

    What was I doing before I had this resource??!!?!?!?! This has been a LIFESAVER! It is highly engaging, well-made, covers many aspects. I don’t think I could love this more!

  15. Aida Julissa R

    I like that I am able to teach a specific skill and my students are able to work independently, My students look forward to working on the toothy cards.

  16. Brenda C.

    My kiddos are already loving these activities. They are enjoying playing the games and it’s such a great way for them to practice and reinforce many skills. Thanks!

  17. Lori W.

    Toothy is such a fun way to practice skills. This set is challenging for some second graders, but it is a good way to practice reading skills.

  18. Chelsea J.

    I love these as warm up to my small groups. It gives the students something to work on as soon as they get to my room. I pick different skills for each day so students are getting practice with exactly what they need.

  19. Alexandra C.

    My 2nd graders have enjoying using Toothy. The reading comprehension passages are engaging. My students love drawing teeth when they get the answer correct. The toothy reading comprehension package has made a difference in the way literacy centers are run. My students are very engaged and excited when we use toothy.

  20. Reading with Ms. B

    My students look forward to Toothy Tuesday every week. I love being able to give them engaging resources that are standard aligned.

  21. Meganne S.

    You can never go wrong with Toothy. The students love it and it’s perfect to use in many different ways. You can use them for centers, early finishers, quick assessments, or RTI groups. Engaging and fun!

  22. Sheri V.

    I love these cards. I pick sets based off of what we are learning and focusing on in our curriculum. The students love working on these in pairs. They create meaningful conversations as well. Great reinforcement tool.

  23. Teaching is Life

    My students are loving these. Passages for everyone that are different but focus on the same skill. This is perfect for what I needed. Works great for my small groups!

  24. Nicole

    You can NEVER go wrong with any of Angie’s Toothy activities. My second graders love anything that includes this resource!

  25. Mandy B.

    You really can’t go wrong with anything from LLL! It is a great resource to help the students with reading comprehension.

  26. Hannah H.

    This resource is a quick pull in my special education classroom. I can find the skill I need, and the level of reading the student needs. It is SO helpful in my classroom!

  27. Kaitlyn H

    My students loved these as centers! Easy to follow and fun! I plan to use some of them for my third grade class as review centers!

  28. Cassandra R.

    My students LOVE Toothy! They would use it all day if given the chance. They are always engaged when we use this product during our small group time.

  29. Maria M.

    OMG!!! My students LOVED this. What is it about Toothy that they love so much? I will be using this in years to come!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  30. Dana C.

    My students loved using this resource during centers. They were engaged and learned from the materials. I love that I can incorporate extra reading comprehension practice in such a creative way.

  31. Veronica D.

    Toothy is amazing!!! My son struggles to complete any work but loves how easily he can flip through a toothy bin to answer questions. He likes the reference cards in case he starts to get frustrated with the work. It’s easily accessible, remains organized, and keeps assignments quick and to the point for him. He absolutely loves the pictures on the cards too. I will be using Toothy with my own boys as well as in future classrooms! I love how it covers so much content quickly!

  32. Kelsey M.

    I loved this resource just as much as the kids do! They think that it is fun and are excited to use this in our centers. We are working on completing things independently and this is something they are confident and able to do on their own!

  33. Shirley L.

    My students LOVE anything Toothy and these are no exception! They can use them independently and they focus on each reading skill so I can have them practice in a fun, engaging way.

  34. Pam, W

    I am using this resource for progress monitoring for my special education students. Very user friendly once I printed out the copies. Thank You!!

  35. Emily B

    My students love the toothy bundles. I found this very useful for Daily 5, and also some small group instruction. It is engaging for the students and I love the self checking. I love that these cards cover so many different aspects of comprehension! They fit perfectly with my reading series.

  36. Fan of Firsties

    My class is obsessed with Toothy Tasks!!! We have so much fun doing these whole group with our toothy faces in dry erase pouches. You could hear us squealing with excitement down the hall.

  37. Kacie F.

    Toothy is so versatile! I can use it as a lesson, as a review, as a fast finisher activity, or as a time filler. My students love it and are engaged the whole time! I now have all of the Toothys! Thank you!

  38. Elizabeth Banta

    I purchased this to use in my 2nd grade class room, then the next year I moved to 3rd grade. It’s an awesome way to have centers that focus on review work so students are able to do these cards with hardly an help from me. Great resource. Thank you!

  39. Brittany P.

    My students LOVE using these during our centers! Anything task box related and they are instantly engaged! I love that I can give them this resource and know they are learning the correct information that is aligned with our standards!

  40. Krista C.

    You really can’t go wrong with any TOOTHY activity. It’s an awesome activity to “show off” with for an observation and I love the versatility of instruction – can be used with the teacher, in student groups, independently. So worth it!

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