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Animal Toothy® Mats

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Toothy™ Task Kits- an original idea from Angie Olson at ©Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

Toothy Task Kits are a great option for your students as centers, early finishers, whole group activities, or even morning work.

-2 Toothy Tracker Sheets (black & white and full color)
-12 Toothy Mats with Answer Box space (black & white and full color)
-12 Toothy Mat Templates for 11x17 paper (black & white and full color)
-Animals included: bear, cat, dog, pig, cow, and horse

Each partner gets a Toothy mat and dry erase marker. Students will take turns choosing a card. Each student who is playing the game will solve the problem on their Toothy mat or dry erase board. When all who are playing have answered the question, they compare their answers and then turn the card over to check to see if their answer is correct. Those who have a correct answer get to draw a tooth in Toothy’s mouth on their mat. If the student’s answer is incorrect, they do not draw a tooth and those who got the answer correct must explain how they got to the correct answer. Then the next student draws the next card and the process is repeated. The game is over once all 27 cards have been answered. The student with the most teeth in Toothy’s mouth is the winner of the game.

**Please note: this resource DOES NOT include the Toothy game cards.

Toothy Activity Bundles:

73 reviews for Animal Toothy® Mats

  1. Joyce LaMont

    just a fresh and different approach to Toothy games and the kids loved the switch up! thank you for always keeping it new and updated.

  2. Brandi G.

    I love the animal mats! It’s fun to be able to just switch it up throughout the year. Thank you for always providing great resources!

  3. Emmalie W.

    I’ve used the Toothy game in my classroom for years, but just now purchased the animal mats. I’m glad I did. The kiddos really enjoy these mats.

  4. Kathie D.

    This is a great addition to my Toothy Games. My students love the different animal faces. These help make learning more fun.

  5. Paula R.

    I loved these. I am going to start out with the kids faces and then before Christmas break let my students pick an animal version to color and use in their dry erase pockets. They are adorable and there is a variety of animals to choose from!

  6. Michelle W.

    Toothy is always awesome! These mats made my students even more engaged with Toothy since they could pick from creative players.

  7. Ashley Fecat

    My students love the toothy mats. We did the adopt a cow program this year, so they were especially happy about the cow toothy mat.

  8. Angelica B.

    This resource is great and can be used in so many ways! Currently I am using it for adding numbers between 10 with kindergarteners.

  9. The Littlest Chicken

    My students have been enjoying Toothy and were SO excited when I showed them that these Toothy friends were joining us very, very soon. Thank you!!

  10. Sarah B.

    Love these TOOTHY mats! The kids enjoy the animals and this eliminates any arguments over whether they get a boy or girl mat and if the mat looks like them.

  11. Joline E.

    My students enjoyed giving the animals teeth. This resource does what it is supposed to be doing, it is a good way to engage kids in Centre work.

  12. Kathy H.

    These are a great addition to the mats that come with the packs. My class always want one of these animals when playing. Lots of choice.

  13. Wendy E.

    My students love using these. They love getting to pick the animal they want to use and it keeps them engaged when we work on our Toothy activities.

  14. Susan H.

    I know my kiddos will love the animal options so it is something fun and interesting and different. I love the digital games you have been creating of Toothy! Thank you for all your hard work.

  15. Wendy H.

    My students love Toothy, and this is a great addition! I have always said that anything new will motivate second grade students, and this does the trick! After they have used the standard faces that come with Toothy, I pull these animal mats out to revitalize and get kids excited about Toothy again. Amazing how well it works!

  16. Lori W.

    I love the toothy task cards and these animal mats are a great addition!

  17. Simply Courtney

    This is such a fun way to get kids engaged in Toothy besides the character mats. Love them!

  18. Jama S.

    We LOVE toothy in my room! This set of mats is a great way to change it up.

  19. Brenda E.

    My students love the animal faces! Great way to practice math and social studies!

  20. Kinder Meets World

    These animal toothy cliparts are perfect for engaging my students during phonemic awareness instruction!

  21. Jennifer S.

    My students loved having different mouths for Toothy.

  22. Jen G.

    My students love playing Toothy and these mats were perfect to go with it

  23. Jill C.

    My kids loved these mats and it made learning more fun for them!

  24. Courtney B.

    Adds some spice and choice to the “regular” toothy mats!

  25. Kim C.

    This activity was very engaging for my students.

  26. Kahli B.

    My younger students LOVE these toothy mats!

  27. Grace K.

    My kids love the Toothy Boards! I love how if I use the “blank ones”, I can use it for any subject.
    Thank you!

  28. Cynthia F.

    These are very cute and fun for the students.

  29. Paula C.

    My students love Toothy and these animal Toothy sheets are perfect! Students love them.

  30. Looney for Second Grade

    Another wonderful resource that my students loved using!

  31. Kristin S.

    My students were excited to expand our Toothy mat selection. These work great in the clear pockets.

  32. Morgan M.

    The kiddos loved have different options for their Toothy mats!

  33. Karen B.

    These are perfect for those days you just need to mix it up a bit.

  34. Liddy D.

    These are so fun! I love the animals and so did my students 🙂

  35. Joyce B.

    This is a great supplement for Toothy, the students love to choose the animal mats.

  36. Christina V.

    Got this just to use the pig to go with my theme

  37. Jane I.

    Oh my….my students just love Toothy! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see what you create next!

  38. Haley R.

    My students loved having different options for their toothy mats!

  39. Laura D.

    I used these mats to switch things up after using the normal toothy mats…my kids loved them!

  40. Laura C.

    Toothy is fun with the regular mats and even more enjoyable with the option of Animal Toothy mats! Thank you!

  41. Nicole Knott- Teaching and What Knott

    Toothy is a class favorite and the animal mats are a nice way to switch things up!

  42. Sherry A.

    My students love using this resource. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Ryan H.

    Such fun mats to use with my toothy kits during center time!

  44. Bree D.

    My students loved these mats as a change up to our regular practice. Kept them very engaged!

  45. Morgan K.

    Love this addition to our Toothy sets!

  46. Felice Scholtes

    These are great to change up the toothy cards. Using different mats will help with engagement.

  47. Karen Bippus

    These were so much fun for my students. They loved adding teeth to the different animals.

  48. Growing World Changers

    Use these as a center and for toothy games. Fun!

  49. Shellie M.

    This was a great resource. Exactly what I needed!

  50. 23KDSNME

    My kids LOVE Toothy. They beg to play everyday. Thanks!

  51. Carla V.

    Great addition to the mat selection for my students. Thanks!

  52. Lara Johndrow

    My class loves the silly animal faces they are able to make with these new toothy mats! They like to make the teeth pointy, tall, short, thin, anything that makes the animal look silly! Thanks for thinking of this addition to toothy!

  53. Laura Albers’ Second Grade Shop

    Super cute! Kids love being able to choose an animal for their TOOTHY task card practice.

  54. Taylor Sawyer

    These were perfect for my WIN Reading group! I share kids from other teachers and I didn’t want to have to make faces for an ever-changing group so these were perfect! I just printed and laminated them and the kids love having the animals! Thank you!

  55. Cheerful Teaching

    My kids love these toothy mats! Thanks 🙂

  56. Julies Learning Corner

    My students love choosing which character they’re going to be for Toothy. I’ve even heard one say, “I’m going to be the kitty because it’s Ms. Robbins’ favorite!”

  57. Belinda Epler

    students love using the animal mats while playing toothy!

  58. McKenzie M.

    LOVE having the option for animal mats for my students!

  59. Chelsea M.

    Love these Toothy mats! So much easier to use these than having to differentiate between boy and girl mats. Wish there were more animal options – hopefully one day!

  60. Angela D.

    I am new to Kindergarten and I know my kiddos are going to LOVE these Toothy Mats! Thank you!!!

  61. Jenny K.

    My kids are wild about Toothy and these will make it even more fun! Thank you!

  62. Julie M.

    my students love having a choice for mats!

  63. Krystal Rombeiro

    This is the cutest expansion pack I’ve ever seen! Love adding this bit of fun to Toothy- it was perfect to put at a center so students could interchange the animals each time they went.

  64. Sue G.

    Nice alternative to regular toothies!

  65. Casandra Cummins

    These are so cute! Can’t wait to use with my Toothy products!

  66. Katie Gago

    Loved added these mats to the boy/girl options. So cute and fun!

  67. Ellen Hammond

    Angie’s items are my favorite! I added these to my other Toothy items because my second graders love them!

  68. Jennifer S.

    These animal faces will be fun for the kiddos.

  69. Pam Gibson

    Adorable! This will make learning math extra fun. Thanks!

  70. Miranda B.

    Excited to utilize these! Very cute! Thank you!

  71. Chris R.

    While I have reviewed several products on TPT favorably, this is truly a gem. Thanks for the fun and ENGAGING resource.

  72. Debra Pippin

    Can’t wait to use these this year. I have read so many great things about them.

  73. Amber S.

    These are so cute! My 2nd graders will love them!

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