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Holiday Toothy® Mats

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Toothy™ Task Kits- an original idea from Angie Olson at ©Lucky Little Learners, LLC.

You can watch a demonstration and explanation of these Toothy Task Kits here: Toothy Facebook Video Tutorial

Toothy Task Kits are a great option for your students as centers, early finishers, whole group activities, or even morning work.

Toothy Task Kit Organizers can be purchased here.

The mats used in this resource are a supplement to the Toothy Math Task Kits and Toothy Grammar Task Kits

-11 Toothy Tracker Sheets (black & white and full color)
-11 Toothy Mats with Answer Box space (black & white and full color)
-11 Toothy Mat Templates for 11x17 paper (black & white and full color)
-Images include: apple (Sept.), pumpkin & bat (Oct.), turkey (Nov.), elf & Santa (Dec.), snowflake (Jan.), heart (Feb.), leprechaun (March), raindrop (April), and flower (May)

Each partner gets a Toothy mat and dry erase marker. Students will take turns choosing a card. Each student who is playing the game will solve the problem on their Toothy mat or dry erase board. When all who are playing have answered the question, they compare their answers and then turn the card over to check to see if their answer is correct. Those who have a correct answer get to draw a tooth in Toothy’s mouth on their mat. If the student’s answer is incorrect, they do not draw a tooth and those who got the answer correct must explain how they got to the correct answer. Then the next student draws the next card and the process is repeated. The game is over once all 27 cards have been answered. The student with the most teeth in Toothy’s mouth is the winner of the game.

**Please note: this resource DOES NOT include the Toothy game cards.

Please download the preview file to take a closer look at what is provided in this resource.

54 reviews for Holiday Toothy® Mats

  1. Kristin Vanek

    Seasonal toothy mats! What more do I have to say. When we start to slump I grab out the fun faces and reengaged we are 🙂

  2. Michelle W.

    Toothy is always awesome! These mats made my students even more engaged with Toothy since they could pick from creative players.

  3. Cara H.

    My students, although older than the target demographic, were absolutely OBSESSED with Toothy. Every time we played, they were ready to add a new character to their “collection.”

  4. Corinne H.

    The students have loved to use this to keep track of points during station games. I love how they have themes for times throughout the year. Great, simple resource, that helps student stay engaged.

  5. Tales of a New York Teacher

    My students absolutely love these mats! I like the mats with the work space at the bottom. What a great way to get students engaged. Thank you!

  6. Ryan H.

    Such a fun addition to use with my phonic and grammar toothy fits. My students love when i switch it up and use these for the holidays.

  7. Kimberlee Kunzler

    My students LOVE when I let them use a Holiday themed toothy mat. I only wish they were a little bigger, sometimes they don’t have enough room for all of their teeth!

  8. Wendy H.

    I love these! I love incorporating anything holiday themed in my classroom, and my students love when I add a specific holiday mat to the Toothy rotation!

  9. Michelle B.

    I like the option of changing up the mats for various holidays/seasons!

  10. Tina C.

    I’m very excited to put ALL the “Toothy” stuff together for next year and start using. Thank you so very much! 🙂

  11. Shauna F.

    Very good resource! Engaged students and did the job! Thank you!

  12. Laura B.

    My class is OBSESSED with Toothy and these Holiday mats make it even better!

  13. Miss Blanchards Bunch

    My students LOVE toothy cards so it only made sense to get the toothy mats to go with it! LOVE!

  14. Leigh C.

    My students love this and ask to play it all the time! Thank you!

  15. Hello Miss Cruz

    Toothy is always a fun activity for ELA and math centers! I had to get the add on holiday themed faces!!

  16. Courtney B.

    Adds engagement and fun to our toothy groups!

  17. Kim C.

    These are adorable!

  18. Vanesa Dorado

    My students enjoyed this resource! Thank you so much!

  19. Ashley Fecat

    My students were so excited for their new elf toothy.

  20. Amy C.

    Keeps the students engaged in playing the toothy games!

  21. Gillian M.

    Thank you for creating these mats. My students have liked to draw their own teeth when they get a correct answer!

  22. Keri S.

    This takes some time to get started but has been helpful in giving students practice for these important skills!

  23. Sarah B.

    These holiday mats are great! Thanks for all the options!

  24. Nicole B.

    My students love the holiday themed Toothy Mats. Thank you!

  25. Felice Scholtes

    These are perfect to change up the toothy sets. They will love using the different holiday cards.

  26. Dana T.

    My students love toothy! I had to get these mats!

  27. Team Engemann

    Great addition to my toothy sets! Thank you!

  28. Lynne G.

    Toothy is a favourite game in my classroom. We use it during math and literacy centers. They are going to adore these new mats which will keep it fresh and fun!

  29. Jane I.

    Love these mats! And my firsties do, too!! Thanks for all you do!

  30. Cheerful Teaching

    my kids love toothy and I know they will love these new mats! thanks

  31. Victoria F.

    My class was super excited to see the pumpkins at Center time this week. I have all the other months prepped and ready to go.

  32. Ryleigh R.

    Love these toothy mats to switch things up with the seasons!

  33. Katherine Jett

    Love! These are great to use during the holidays with the Toothy kits! The kids love them!

  34. Awesome Academics

    Cute sheets to help keep the students interested by changing themes throughout the year. Thanks

  35. Ann H.

    So Cute! I hope to keep the games fresh by changing out these recording sheets.

  36. Jaden S.

    I use these as an incentive! All of my kids get the regular toothy mat at the beginning of the year, but can earn the cute holiday mats!

  37. Amanda Gray

    Cannot wait to add these to our toothy collection for next year!

  38. Heather T.

    Great addition to my Toothy collection. Thanks!

  39. Brooke Moore

    LOVE toothy!! Excited to have these options for mats for my kiddos next year.

  40. Besty Burris

    Great addition to the Toothy kit! Super fun and many different options available.

  41. Kirbzee

    Students get excited to use new TOOTHY mats each month.

  42. Jennifer M.

    My kids love using these during the holidays instead of their regular mats

  43. Mathew Ritchey

    This will help keep my students interested in the toothy sets for the whole year.

  44. Katheryn Duarte

    Love these and all toothy products! Easy to use, the kids love them, and super engaging! Thank you!

  45. Kelsey H.

    My students love having many choices for toothy- especially when they can match the upcoming holiday!

  46. Shelby M.

    This is amazing for a fun game! A great way to put a small twist on a game students love!

  47. Heather L.

    Great addition to our Toothy mats! My students were so excited when they discovered the theme mats in our centers!

  48. Allison K.

    My students love having some variety with their Toothy mats! These are so fun for them!

  49. Cheryl Amar

    Students enjoy the seasonal mats when completing the task cards.

  50. Hoppin’ Into Second Grade

    This is a nice addition to the regular work mats. Thank you!

  51. Spencer in Second

    The students have really enjoyed the holiday mats! Thank you!

  52. Makala B.

    Love the fun holiday Toothy mats to go along with my Toothy resources. The students love them, too!

  53. Mrs. Alvarado Wells

    What a time saver to keep the “toothy” games fresh. My students love the games even more.

  54. Brittany W.

    Perfect for use throughout the year with my toothy task cards! Thanks for a great resource!

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